Thursday, December 27, 2012

Bluetooth + Arduino Tutorial

Bluetooth and its wonders. Set it up with Arduino and Attiny85!


This is my very first tutorial and it is on Bluetooth with Arduino.  I feel this is necessary for the community as there are not so many of them out there. The ones that are floating around the web are highly outdated or just not to my taste. Sorry! I know I'm not the best one to do a tutorial either but I will try my best. I learned how to use the Seeeduino Bluetooth, or any Bluetooth the hard way. This is created to make it easier for you! 

note: When I was learning about how to add Bluetooth to my project I was following closely the Wiki page of Seeeduino Bluetooth Shield. Find it here. Also, I will be covering how to set up your Bluetooth as a slave. If you would like to learn how to set it up as a Master reference the link above.

I hope you enjoy this tutorial / how to

What you need, Arduino Bluetooth

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