Friday, January 4, 2013

Little plans for the future work - Quadcopter!

Micro Micro QuadCopter

I have many plans in my head for the future projects and not enough time or money to make them all! But, here is one that could be very interesting for the future work... A QuadCopter! Not just any quadcopter, a micro quadcopter. 

Parts (detailed)

note: "~" = approximately
- attiny 84 (1 gram) ($3)
- IMU Analog Combo Board Razor - 6DOF Ultra-Thin IMU (estimating it to be < 6-7 grams) ($15)
- plantraco 7mm motors (4) @ (3.3 grams each w/ props*) ($20 for all)
- plantraco 4 channel receiver (1 gram) ($60)
- plantraco LP200-FR Bahoma Cell (small lipo = short flight might use bigger) @ (5.5 grams) ($15)
- frame + wireing (~10 gram) (~$20)

total weight should be ~38 grams and the price would be approximately $133 + shipping. Not bad huh?
All the tutorials and do it yourself for the quadcopters are about much bigger and thus more expensive models. Going micro does have a lot of drawbacks though. This will never lift a camera like I would like it to. It will never be as stable and it will be much harder to get it right! But that just adds to the fun. Also it would be the smallest and lightest quadcopter out there as far as I'm concerned.